Controlled vocabulary in Resource Template

In one of my Resource Templates I have an input field called “FilingState”. It is of Data Type “apwaStates”. apwaStates is a Custom Vocabulary consisting of a list of abbreviations of the United States. (AL, DE, MD, NY, etc.)

The idea here is that when I go to create a New Item using my Resource Template, and when I go to make an entry in the FilingState field, there will be a dropdown from which I can select a State.

Things are going great, until I get to that dropdown part! See attached pic. My States do not render as a dropdown, even though setting the field as an apwaStates Data Type changes the input from Textbox to Selectbox with label: “Select item below.”

What am I missing?

(I am aware of the ValueSuggest module. Is this what I need to use to get the desired functionality?)

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Are each of your states on a separate line when you created the vocabulary in the Custom Vocab Module? Or did you use commas to separate them as you did in the description above?


Each of my State abbreviations was on a separate line when I created the vocabulary.

Ahh… well then, this is a thornier issue that one of my colleagues will have to help with.

It looks like you have selected the “Items” vocab type, given the presence of the “Select item below.” You should choose the “Terms” vocab type instead.

You are simply thee best!

In the definition of my Controlled Vocabulary I left the Item field blank, and only Terms is now filled in. I now understand that that Item/Term thing there is an either/or (at least in my particular case).

MUCH appreciated!


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