Control of Media Display Size

Is there a way to modify the CSS to display media as a percentage of their derivatives? Say if I wanted 75% of the medium size? I’ve tried messing with the CSS in the area that I think controls media size, but nothing seems to work. I realize I could adjust the thumbnail parameters in the local.config file, but I’m reluctant to run the Derivative Image module … thanks in advance for your help …

The CSS is generally what controls media display size, you’re correct.

The way CSS typically wants to size things by percentage is as a function of the size of their containers, not of the thing itself… if you really want to do that you have to resort to some trickery.

Ah, that does work! Thank you! I scaled the entire container (including caption and image) to 0.70.

Now I need to figure out how to get the text to wrap tighter to the image … it still seems to “think” the container is 1.0 scale. If you have any suggestions, I’d be grateful!

This type of thing is really much easier when you can see the live page and use the inspector… you could have margins set, or just something like display: block (often this is the default) which will make the element take all the horizontal space by default… to have text “wrap around” you’d typically use float styling.

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