Contribution plugin text fields not displaying

Hey everyone, recently been trying to get Contributions up and running on my site, but what used to be working is now having an odd issue. The text fields for user input and the button to upload one’s file are not displaying on the page (see screenshot below):


Beside “Title” and “Story Text” (the default options when you first install Contributions) are supposed to be the text boxes for users to type their response, and no button exists to choose one’s file. Strangely enough, clicking on the text “Upload a file” allows you to upload a file, but it isn’t displayed as a button.

What I have tried so far:

  1. Tried different web browsers thinking that might be the issue. Unfortunately, this issue is prevalent in Firefox, Chrome, and Edge.
  2. Revert back to the original Contribution plugin. I made some manual edits to some of the code that worked before, but thinking something might have broken, I reverted back to the original plugin. No luck there, unfortunately.
  3. Uninstall and reinstall Contributions.

Perhaps it is interacting weirdly with another plugin? But I wouldn’t think so, most other plugins are completely unrelated to user text input. Has anybody run into this issue and solved it? Thank you so much for any help!

Just in case, can you tell use what version of Omeka you are running, what version of Contribution, and what other plugins you have installed? (you can copy and paste from the System Information link at the bottom right of every page)

Of course, thank you for helping me out with this issue :slight_smile:

Here is a screen grab of the system information page.

Is your site publicly available? This could just be an issue with CSS or something like that hiding the inputs, which would be easier to see if the site is live somewhere.

Hello @jflatnes, sorry for not responding in this thread for a while. Haven’t had time to work on the site too much in the last two weeks.

Unfortunately the website is not public right now. Assuming it is CSS hiding it, how would I diagnose and fix that issue?

Thank you!

Are you familiar at all with using your browser’s “inspector” tool? That or View Source should let you see if the actual element for the text field is on the page at all. The inspector would make it easy to see, if it’s there, what CSS is being applied to it.

Hey @jflatnes,

This issue seemed to have fixed itself back in June, so I was satisfied with not knowing why, and was glad that it was just working. Our site is live now, and just as we were about to email the users about its launch, the contribution form experienced the same issue. I am stuck again here, and am no longer satisfied until I know why haha!

The website, if you have time to view the form to get some ideas as to why it isn’t working, is

To your latest message on the topic, I have found that when this issue is appearing, the HTML elements for the form are simply not there. So CSS is not hiding it, but something is stopping the creation of the HTML elements.

The most recent logs in error_log that may have some relevance say:

PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/georgeel/ on line 22

If this is the error causing the contribution form issue, perhaps the back-end is having trouble iterating over each contribution form element? Though this could be a red herring too.

I appreciate any help you can provide! I was hoping to launch the site to the users about 2 weeks ago until this issue miraculously appeared again. Hopefully we can get it solved!

The HTML seems to be fine.

You do indeed have CSS that just hides all the inputs, see the top of

That’s not in the normal form.css from Contribution.

Wow, I have zero recollection of editing that css file, but that was exactly the issue. Thank you so much for your help, that problem was following us around for so long and it was only a single line of styling!

Contributions is working exactly as expected now. Thanks for all your help again!

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