Contribution plugin problems

Currently on our site we have the Contributions plugin installed, and have a customized email text to send contributors, as well as a notification email address for new contributed items.

However, in testing this, the notification about new contributed items is never sent, and all the contributor account receives is an email about a “request to join” as a user (and our custom text is not included).

Furthermore, even though “Allow Non-registered Contributions” is checked, our contribution page is still requiring contributors to create an account, password, etc. (we do have “Allow open registration” and “Allow instant access” checked in Guest User, per the Contribution plugin documentation)

I tried uninstalling the plugin and reinstalling it, but this didn’t seem to change anything.

If it makes a difference, we’re using Omeka with the Curatescape theme & plugins - I’ve also inquired on the Curatescape forum about whether that would have any impact on the Contributions settings.

Any ideas about what might be going on, or suggestions on possible fixes? Thanks!

UPDATE: I discovered that switching to one of the default Omeka themes fixes the non-registered contribution issue, so it seems there’s some Curatescape-specific issue there - but the notification and contributor emails still never get sent. Hoping someone has some suggestions…

For what it’s worth, the issue with the anonymous/non-registered contribution setting has been fixed in the latest theme version. Email notification issues wouldn’t’ have anything to do with Curatescape themes or plugins.

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