Contribution Captcha timeout

Using the Contribution plugin, if captcha is turned on, anonymous contributions allowed, and the file is sufficiently large/internet connection is not sufficiently fast, the Captcha times out before the file successfully uploads. If the user redoes the captcha, the file is still uploading in the background, and will eventually upload.

Has anyone experienced this? Is there a way around this without disabling captcha, or forcing users to create an account first?

We have the same problem. Except we had multiple Captcha timeouts with some large files.
The way I have got round this is to ask anyone wishing to upload a particularly large file or slow connection to contact me and I will upload it from the admin panel.
It’s not what I wanted to be doing, but much of our video or audio uploads were failing :frowning: I think the issue is with the version of ReCaptchua???

I know thats not massively helpful, I just wanted to say it’s not just you :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up! It was not always the case then with recaptcha, based on my understanding of your description?

It also seems that the issue could be resolved if the upload and the captcha occurred on different pages (e.g. it was a two step process) that way the captcha and upload weren’t at odds with each other.

We are also planning on asking users to contact us with larger files, but this also seems strange, given that we’ve set up an entire infrastructure to place the files anyway (e.g. Omeka?).

Have a read around versions of ReCaptcha - I think there is a newer version but not yet supported by Omeka - that was when I thought that it was a matter of making do, as this isn’t something I would be able to deal with. I keep an eye out for developments though… it is a pain :frowning:

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