Contribution and Collections

I’m wondering if there is a way that the Contribution plugin can be set up so that contributors can designate which collection a contributed item should be placed in? I found a setting where you can automatically put all contributions in a chosen collection, but in my case I’m having students contribute artifacts and there are multiple collections, divided up by historical eras. I’d rather not be the one who has to go through and manually sort through all the contributions to figure out what collection they belong in.
Would tags be a workaround here, where at least I could see all items with a given tag, and then put those into collections?


Would it make more sense to have your students be added as contributor users (a user level which does not require the contribution plugin)? It would allow them to create items but not publish them.

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Ooh, that makes a lot of sense! I will look into that route. Thank you very much!