Continual "do you want to leave this page" messages since upgrade to 2.5

Since we upgraded to Omeka 2.5 a couple of weeks ago, we’ve been getting continual error messages every time we attempt to edit an exhibit page. As soon as we click on a page to edit, we get a “do you want to leave this page” message:

This message pops up regardless of whether we’ve made any changes to the page at all. Have noticed that it only displays when the page in question (the one clicked on) contains HTML. Also happens regardless of browser.

Has anyone else experience this and found a solution?

It is the same for us. It appears even when no changes has been made to the page.

So, you’re getting these messages on the Exhibit’s edit page, not an edit for a specific page, right?

There’s really no way for this to be dependent on what’s on the page you’re trying to go to: the only relevant stuff is what’s on the Edit Exhibit page, the page you’re leaving.

I can’t reproduce this, so I suspect it may be some sort of timing-specific problem… Does saving the main Exhibit form, even with no changes, help at all for future requests?

Thanks, John. It is happening at 2 points:
1/ when we click on a page of an exhibition to edit
2/ when we try to leave the Edit Page of an exhibition

When I try to replicate the problem with a new exhibit (as opposed to an existing exhibit), I can’t replicate 1/. But can replicate 2/ only when the content contains HTML. More specifically, it looks like “;nbsp;” may be the trigger.