CONTENTdm plugin

Is there anyone interested in porting/developing the CONTENDdm plugin in Omeka S ?

Interested? Yes. Have time to work on it right now? Not really. But I work from time to time on a site that depends on that plugin, that may eventually want to be converted to S. I’ve also customized it a bit, so that would be another factor. Are you looking for a collaborator or . . . ?

Hi, sorry for my late reply.
I’m interested in a collaboration for migrating that plugin from Classic (maybe your customized version) to S, both in collaborative or solely way (I could also pay for a such an implementation).
Anyway, at the moment I’m more interested in understanding what kind of customers or projects use the plugin and how, and you seem to have such experience.
I would be interested in exchange information as I have many customer using CONTENTdm and probably Omeka S in the next future.