Conflict between "Thanks, Roy" and HTML5 Media?


I have a fresh installation of Omeka with the HTML5 media plugin and storage on S3.

The player initially worked on “Thanks, Roy” but when I switched to another theme and back it no longer worked. (It works just fine on those other themes.)

Does anybody have any advice as to what the conflict is likely to be?

Can you let us know what versions of ThanksRoy and HTML5 Media you’re using, and what the media was that stopped playing?

This is happening on Omeka 2.5 and the 2.4 version of ThanksRoy, which is the default theme. The same thing happens for both mp4 and ogg files.

When I switch to one of the other themes (Berlin, Seasons) that came pre-installed everything is fine. The media will download just fine on ThanksRoy, but the player doesn’t display.

EDIT: Default as in it was in the themes/default folder, not a version I added.

If you “Configure Theme” for Thanks Roy, the very last option is “Item File Gallery: Check this box if you wish to display your item files as a grid of square thumbnails and icons.” If this is checked, that might be the issue.

That was it! Thanks so much!

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