Configuring title tags

Hi everyone,
I’m pretty new to Omeka and I’m having trouble with the title tags for items. This is what currently generates, and I can’t work out why:

			var options = {
				attributes: {
					rel: 'nofollow', 
					title: ''
				format: {
					url: function (value) {
						return value
				ignoreTags: ['a'],
				validate: {
					url: function (value) {
						return value;
			var str = ''The Fine Old English Gentleman'';
			document.write(linkifyHtml(str, options));
		 · Dickens Search

How do I get all the visible code to disappear and just display the title/website name?


All that stuff is in the page title? That’s definitely not normal.

I’m thinking this is probably coming from a plugin. Do you have any installed that are related to “linkifying”?

Thanks for replying! Based on your comment I went through the list of plugins and deactivated each one in turn to check, and it was Clickable Links Plus, so I’ve uninstalled it. I appreciate your help!

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