Configuring OMEKA

Hello. I am a complete newbie to Omeka and cannot seem to find instructions on how to configure Omeka. Can anyone suggest a resource or provide instructions on how to start.

Have you looked at the documentation on

I have but need help setting up the Web Server aspect.


That sounds like it’s a matter of getting server space. Unless you need a local development environment on your laptop, the easiest thing is to go to a hosting company like Reclaim Hosting. They have a one-click Omeka installation that works well.

If you are working on setting up a local installation on your laptop or desktop, then that will vary greatly based on operating system and version, and is a bit beyond the scope of Omeka itself. It’ll be best to search around for setting up a LAMP (or WAMP for Windows, or MAMP for Mac, etc.) installation on your system.

I have reviewed the documentation for the OAI Harvester plugin, which is what I am trying to configure. I did not get an option to configure it when I installed this plugin.