Commenting plug in won't upgrade

I installed Omeka from Reclaim Hosting but I am having an issue with upgrading Commenting plugin.
I receive the error below :

Mysqli statement execute error: Duplicate column name 'flagged’

Any ideas on how to address this? Thanks

What seems to be happening is that the plugin is trying to “upgrade” something that’s already done.

If you don’t have existing comments you want to keep, just changing back to the previous Commenting version and uninstalling it should fix the problem. By the way, what was the previous version (and new version) of the plugin you were using?

Thanks for the answer. I installed Omeka through Reclaim Host. It was a new installation. Downloaded the last version of the plug in and installed it. Version is 2.2. I will try to uninstall it and install an older version.

I uninstalled it. Installed one version down and i get the same behaviour and the same message.

By “Uninstall,” I mean to place the files for the previous version of Commenting you were using in the plugins folder, then hit the Uninstall button in the Omeka admin interface. Is that what you did? If there’s an Upgrade button instead, then you still have plugin files newer than what’s in your database for the Commenting plugin (so, newer than the version you were running before).

I did exactly that. I still get an error and the button Upgrade to the next version.

Having that Upgrade button means that the version of the plugin files is higher than what’s in the Omeka database… perhaps you previously had an older-yet version of the plugin installed than what you’re trying to “go back” to?

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