Collection Tree & Item Order


This is my first post on this forum. I have been trying to find a solution to the following problem. I have installed both the Collection Tree and Item Order plugins. With the Collection Tree I have organized my collections like this:

Collection 1

  • Subcollection 1.1
    ** Item 1
    ** Item 2
    ** Item 3
  • Subcollection 1.2
    ** Item 4
    ** Item 5
    ** Item 6

Collection 2

  • Subcollection 2.1
    ** Item 7
    ** Item 8
    ** Item 9
  • Subcollection 2.2
    ** Item 10
    ** Item 11
    ** Item 12

With the Item Order Plugin I have organized items the way I want so that if someone views subcollections the items are shown in the order I want. The problem is that if someone wants to view the parent collections “Collection 1” or “Collection 2” the items still appear in the “date added” order (or ID order; if I have understood correctly, they are the same thing). I mean that what is shown is something like this:

Collection 1:
Item 11
Item 8
Item 2

I don’t know which files I should edit or what kind of lines to add (something in Themes, or CollectionTree plugin???), to make the parent collections show items in the wanted order. Has anyone encountered the same problem and found a solution? Thanks if you can help.