Collection grid view filtered by term

Hello Omeka forum members,
Is it possible to create a home page that shows all collections in a grid view, along with links/buttons to filter the list by provided terms? Please see this site which achieves the functionality I seek using something other than Omeka:

I believe I have seen this functionality with Omeka before, but now I cannot locate an example. I just browsed the plugin page and did a few forum/google searches with no success. The Facets plugin is the closest I could find, but it isn’t quite what I intend (uses a block of drop-downs instead of links/buttons).

I would be most grateful for any of the following:

  • a proper name for this feature
  • examples of Omeka sites that provide this feature
  • suggestions for how to implement this feature

I’m hoping to use Omeka Classic, but I’d also be interested in examples from Omeka S.

Thanks very much for any assistance you can provide.