Collecting module select options issue

Hi all, has anyone encountered an issue with the Collecting module select options?

I’ve had an issue with the select options. As per the documentation in the Collecting module, when adding an individual option, it should be separated with the newline in the textarea. But, when the form is displayed in a particular page, all the values I put are being put together in the dropdown options separated by space, and thus making it a single option instead of multiple options.

I’m stuck with this issue for few days, and I’m not sure if this is a bug from the collecting module itself. I’m using the latest version of Omeka S and the collecting module is compatible with the Omeka S version.

This is the plugin UI when adding an individual option in the text area


What operating system are you using to administer Omeka S? What operating system are you using to host the Omeka S software? This could be due to the difference between a newline on a UNIX-based server and a Windows one.

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Hello, thank you so much for your reply. I’m using a windows 10 operating system. I had to review the source code of the Collecting module and found that it uses the PHP_EOL as a parameter in the explode function. It seems like it’s the culprit. I had to change it to “\n” as a temporary solution and it’s now working.