Collecting Module: issue w/ displaying "Item Media [HTML]" Prompt Data

I’m trying to use the collecting module to allow front-end contribution of narrative through “Item Media [HTML]” prompt (I may be misusing this module here for my purpose).

2 issues I’m encountering,

  1. the media box loader just spins. I don’t have a required media file upload attached to this form, as it is intended for sharing text content through HTML editor not by a file, so,
    a) is there a way to disable this box on non-visual items (such as text)
    b) or, do i need to have user associate a thumb with contribution

  2. I’m not seeing text added with HTML editor after viewing “reviewed” submission on front end of contributed item.

To clarify: in the collecting form, you want people to share a narrative. Is there a reason you’re collecting that as an html media and not as a property?

The text added in the HTML box will show up as attached media - I just ran a test on my sandbox collecting with the HTML Media and you can see it’s attached to the item as [untitled].

If I click through, the media page displays the full text

Yes, I see that as well. But my question was about a front end view, not admin, of html contributed content. I’m assuming the generated “file” is intended to be displayed in the gallery box? but for this just spins on pdf and, if my assumption is correct, “html” media.

Are you using CenterRow or TheDaily? I think the expected behavior for the carousel would be more in line with the appearance of html and pdf media on Default and Cosy - a placeholder thumbnail. Thanks for noticing the bug in the display of these in the carousel.

ah, yes, it seem the other themes allow to click through to more data. The media gallery box is a nice touch, especially in the case where the setup isn’t supporting display of certain metadata fields on grid views or preview. I will work around this bug for now. Might you point me to any documentation on how to better generate collecting forms?