Collecting Form - assigned item set not applying assigned resource template to newly added items

I’m scratching my head on this one and wondering if anyone else has come up with this problem.

I have a collecting form on a website which has an item set assigned to it. There are fields in that form that match those on the item set. That particular item set has a resource template assigned to it, so that it can apply the appropriate alternate labels. However, when we test the form and a new item is created in the system, the item does go underneath the correct item set, HOWEVER, it shows a blank resource template and resource class and we have to manually assign it each time…but shouldn’t any item added under an item set automatically receive the assigned resource template?

I’m not sure if I’ve overlooked something, or of this is a known issue with the Collecting form?

Thanks in advance!

The template for the item set is not applied to the template for the item, they can be different. To apply a template to the collected item is not possible currently, but there is a patch for that : .

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Thank you, it’s great you created a patch for this…I downloaded the patch and incorporated into my Omeka test site…it doesn’t seem to be working, but I know I’m probably not doing this correctly as this is my first time attempting to do this. I’m using GitHub desktop. Is there additional code or something I have to switch on in the code after I download the patch to make this work?

The module is working on a living site (not yet spreaded), so there shouldn’t be many bugs, but it’s possible. I pushed a release on

Ah ok, I didn’t see this release, thanks for pointing me to it! I will definitely be trying this out.

So I was successful in upgrading to this release! Thank you for these enhancements to the form, it’s really helpful to also be able to select multiple items - that was actually a question someone in my group brought up today. It’s also great to be able to assign notification emails to different folks so that they can approve items.

Just one suggestion - or maybe it’s possible but I haven’t figured it out - it would be amazing if the resource template could apply the corresponding private fields that are initially set when the template is made. In our particular case, we are using the form to collect “Social distancing stories” from the community, and they are able to fill out some fields, along with posting an image or two. We also have fields (that should be private to the public), that are rights, permission and privacy questions - information that only approvers should see. We had these set to private in the resource template, though when these items/ stories come in, they are not set to private, so the approver has to go through and click the private eyeball icon again (and there’s 5 of them per item).

It’s not a big deal, but I just wanted to through that out there.
I really appreciate this release, thanks!

I’m just realizing that instead, we can use “User private” fields that are provided in the form as a work around for this - awesome!

I see that the content of the private fields show up within the collecting form “collected items” tab and not that of the item itself.

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