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I’m putting together a proposal for potentially using Omeka Classic for creating a new exhibit/digital collection. We are potentially going to hire someone to do the coding, but I have no idea how long something like that would take. Is there anyone here who has gone through the process who can tell me how long it took them? Thank you!

It depends on your project scope…

You will need to consider the following potential operations:

  • setup dedicated server or hosting
  • install and configure Omeka
  • install standard plugins and themes
  • import your existing data or new data entry
  • design and create custom public theme (if required)
  • create custom plugins (if required)

Each of the tasks above need time and some of them are highly dependant on your needs. Getting know this is essential to make some time estimation.

Thank you so much! We are planning to use, and we will need the developer to install, configure, and modify existing plugins and themes so that they meet our needs. We are going to have all of the data ready, but they will need to import it. We are also going to create mockups and do the design ourselves, so that is not something they will have to work on. I’m not sure about custom plugins, but I doubt they would need to make them. I’ve done some research and a lot of places say it takes about 180 hours to code a website, but because we are using Omeka I wasn’t sure if that decreased or added time.

Sometimes the programming part may be a reason. Not the back end actually. There’s nothing wrong if you reach out to some professional web development or digital marketing company in San Antonio.

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