Classic vs. S for linguistic corpus

Hi there! We are a university linguistics laboratory aiming to build a phonological corpus that will allow researchers access to oral interviews we’ve conducted over the past several years, along with their accompanying transcripts and metadata. After digging around a bit, I’m still not fully sure whether Classic or S might best suit our needs, or if either will do. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Some additional information, for context:

  • We will need all data files to be downloadable by approved users. These include audio files (.mp3 and .wav), transcripts (in several formats including .eaf — ELAN annotation format), and metadata (.txt / .xlsx)
  • We don’t intend on connecting multiple sites, but we will have some items that belong to multiple collections. In this particular case, our data may be divided by study (Italian learners, Portuguese learners, heritage Spanish speakers…) , but we have a number of individuals who participated in multiple studies. (It seems that only S will allow for this?)
  • Access request / login function for outside researchers.
  • Advanced search function (search by participant ID, interviewer, language mode, participant’s language background (first, second, third language), study, keywords, among other fields)
  • We will be working with the digital scholarship initiative at our institution that supports both Classic and S.
    Thank you in advance!