Class Inheritance in API (php and rest)

Hey there,
I imported new vocabularies with owl files.
Some classes have inheritance (“parent / child”).
I cannot find any information about class inheritance through the api.

Is there a way to find all child classes of a requested class?


Omeka S does not support certain RDF constructs, such as rdfs:subClassOf, owl:equivalentClass, owl:sameAs. Because of our role as a web publishing platform, we’ve prioritized the speed, efficiency, and technical maturity of a relational database over the schema flexibility of a triplestore, the consequence being a sacrifice of some RDF features.

However, we do have plans to integrate more RDF features as needed, if they are at all feasible. For example, the new Inverse Properties module enables a custom implementation of owl:inverseOf integrated with Omeka S resource templates.

OK no problem.
I was just wondering if I missed that inheritance info recorded somewhere in the API.
(even with no inference for queries, just the inheritance path)

Relational databases are fine.
Still JSON-LD export can feed a tripleStore elsewhere !