Ckeditor "paste from word" feature does not word

On Omeka S 3.0.1, the button “paste from Word” of the html editor (ckeditor) seems to be not working.

I have en error "“Press Ctrl+V to paste. Your browser doesn’t support pasting with the toolbar button or context menu option.” with any browser.

Ctrl+V does not keep all the formatting (even if htmlpurifying is disable in settings) so this “paste from word” is the way to keep rich text formatting in html media.

Is there an easy fix?
It is probably a bug of ckeditor
Is it a good idea to tried to upgrade ckeditor ?

The button not working on most browsers is known (for security reasons they mostly do not allow websites to trigger a paste themselves). The “Paste from Word” clean-up functionality is supposed to work on normal Ctrl-V pastes as well, though.

What are you losing when pasting with Ctrl-V? Some loss of formatting may be unavoidable.

For example, I’ve lost alignment (text is justified on Word/Libreoffice and not when pasting to Omeka)

Does loading the “justify” plugin as mentioned in your other thread affect this at all?

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