Citation on Pages and Items


Is there a feature to display “Citation” in the item page like the way Omeka Classic is set up? In other words, is there an equivalent to Coins plug-in in Omeka S? Thank you.


Those are actually two separate things – the citation displayed in Classic is generated from within the theme to be human-readable, while Coins puts some hidden data on the page for things like Zotero to read.

That said, there’s not really something for either of those in S yet. The human-readable citation could be generated by a fairly simple module. Coins (or, more likely, a more robust metadata reading system), would be a bit more work.


Is there more information on how to create the “human-readable citation”? Thank you!


Coins is available for Omeka S : see For all modules in progress or ready, see (some are not yet on


Hi Daniel

I am also interested in adding a machine readable citations on the Omeka S pages and items.

After discovering this post, we installed and tested the Coins module , however installation results in an ITEM level error message “Omeka S encountered an error” . We installed Omeka S Coins v 2.0.3 with Omeka S v 1.2.0. Do you have any advice?

Many thanks


About machine readable, you can see this issue on github: the json-ld is embedded in all pages (and its desactivable in Omeka 1.3.0). Coins is the same thing, but simplified for common bibliographic softwares. For the issue, can you send the logs (