Citation changes through CSS Editor?

I want to change the citation shown on the Browse Item site.
I found this:

This might be a really silly question, but: Can I just enter this into the CSS editor?

No, that plugin changes the actual markup/content of the citation. It’s not something you can do with just CSS.

That plugin has to be installed and used as a plugin on its own.

Is there anywhere a description of how to do this?

That’s a plugin like any other. You should be able to click the green Download button on the main page of that project, then click Download ZIP, and then install it like any other plugin. The only added complication is you’ll need to change the name of the folder it unzips to “PeddlerCitation” after you unzip it.

thanks for replying!
I tried this, but then the wohle page of plugins is not accessible, I tried it with a different plugin (MlaCitations) from GitHub to check if i am doing smt wrong, this other plugin worked normal, but is not what i am searching for -
I realised there is no License file, could that be a reason?

Ah, there just appears to be a bug in that plugin which is probably what’s causing your error: deleting line 300 (the line’s content is just default:) of PeddlerCitationPlugin.php should fix that problem.

Wow, thank you for the effort of searching the bug!
That was really helpful, now it works perfectly