Choose if 'recent items' are shown on homepage

So in the backoffice my client can choose whether the featured items, collections or exhibits are displayed in the ‘configure theme’-set.

So I was wondering, why isn’t there an option about the ‘recently added items’? I don’t know yet if my user will put this on the homepage, so I have styled it to fit the theme, but if it is not there, it won’t give any problems to the layout (just like I did with the featured-stuff).

But now, the recently added items are always on the homepage, so it isn’t very userfriendly, being at all time on the homepage.

Is there a way to add this option for my user, so he could switch it of in the backoffice, just like the featured stuff?


Yes, you can copy it from i.e. Berlin theme.

You will have to modify 2 files of your theme:

  1. config.ini (see - add lines 32-35 and 71 from the Berlin theme config.ini)
  2. index.php (see - see lines 29-39 in the Berlin theme index.php and modify your file appropriately)
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Perfect! Thank you so much!

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