Changing the image of the featured collection

I was wondering if there is a way I can have control over which image is selected as the cover of my featured collection. Any information will be greatly appreciated.
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Not sure of this, as I looked into that long time ago, but I think only option I found was to make one of the Items featured, that way it should be the chosen thumb. Give it a try.

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Collections automatically display whichever item in the collection was most recently created, or as Daniele says, the most recently-created featured item. So, if you have other collection items featured for other reasons, it will show the newest item.

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I see some potential for improvement of the core, there: an option to choose which Item to display (and, if not available, back to actual behaviour) as representative. There exists also a plugin that allows to use a picture not connected to an Item, so maybe such a feature could be implemented too.

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Thank you. I tried that and it worked but the problem with that option is that the the image would also display in my featured image box, it would switch with the original featured image every time I refreshed the screen.

Thanks everyone for the feedback.
I agree, it would be nice to have the option of choosing a cover image. Maybe we’ll see that feature soon.

That’s the expected behaviour: themes are normally choosing a random Item among the Featured ones to display. So, if you had, say, 5 Featured Items, you might expect 1/5 of screen time for each one of them.

Therefore, the only solution I see for now is to have Featured only the cover Item.