Changing element display labels

Hi, I’ve looked around on changing display in the interface but all of the posts I found are not applicable to the newer version Omeka or not answered, such as or Changing field labels (record-metadata.php)

In Omeka 2.5 and above, if I wish to change dublin core ‘Creator’ to display as ‘Designer’ how would I do it? I am hoping to be able to change the label at collection level, i.e. Collection A dc ‘Creator’ to display as ‘Designer’, Collection B dc ‘Creator’ to display as ‘Author’, etc. Also, the change should only affect how the label was displayed on the interface, but not affecting anything else, such as the dc-rdf output.

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I am currently working on the same problem. I have searched everywhere, with the same exact results. Bumping your thread, in hopes that somebody will address this issue for us! I have recently posted a similar thread

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Hello. I was able to change the label in the public interface using the following code. We are on Omeka 2.5.1. The file to edit is /omeka/themes/your-theme/common/record-metadata.php

added: <?php if($setName==‘Dublin Core’ && $elementName==‘Coverage’)
$elementName=“Geographic Location”; ?>

before <?php echo html_escape(__($elementName)); ?>

entire file code is below:

<?php foreach ($elementsForDisplay as $setName => $setElements): ?>
<?php if ($showElementSetHeadings): ?> <?php endif; ?> <?php foreach ($setElements as $elementName => $elementInfo): ?>
" class="element">
<?php if($setName=='Dublin Core' && $elementName=='Coverage') $elementName="Geographic Location"; ?> <?php echo html_escape(__($elementName)); ?>
<?php $i = 0; ?> <?php foreach ($elementInfo['texts'] as $text): $i++; if( $i == 1): ?>

<?php echo $text; ?>

<?php else: ?>

<?php echo $text; ?>

<?php endif; ?>
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