Changing descriptors of metadata element text for contributors

Our development team have installed the contributions plug-in and have set up the Prompts for our desired elements. A couple of our test contributors, however, have been confused by the default descriptions of each elements. For example we have change “Coverage” with the prompt “Site name and location” and added out own description. We cannot, however, figure out how to delete the default description: “The spatial or temporal topic of the resource, the spatial applicability of the resource, or the jurisdiction under which the resource is relevant,” which for our purposes is confusing. Thanks!

The Dublin Core descriptions can be a bit wacky, and hard to understand in any particular context!

The cleanest way to do this is to use the ElementForm filter. This lets you alter the different parts of the element form. For the ‘Coverage’ example, you’d add the filter, then alter or delete the $components['description'] array value.

You could do that either in your own small plugin, or directly in Contribution. Generally, I’d advise your own small plugin just in case an update to Contribution comes out, which would overwrite your changes.

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