Changes in translation files very slow to take effect


I’m currently editing the translation file for my language in Omeka (in /application/languages), as the publication I’m working on requires some different and/or additional translations. I have the string that needs translation in the e.g. the header with _(’ '), add the file path and line in the code to the Omeka.pot file, open the language.po file with Poedit, update from catalog, edit the translation for the phrase, save and export to However, very often, the changes in the translation file show in the interface only after I reboot the computer. Anyone else experienced this and/or knows why this is? Reloading the page, clearing history or restarting the browser has no effect. Slow net connection cannot be the reason, as it’s a fast 4g network I’m connected to.

Remove the files that start with “omeka_i18n_cache” in the cache of your web server (usually in /tmp).