Change "viewport" on Big Picture theme home page?

I’m working on a site with 8 exhibits…I modified the Big Picture theme slightly (to add some text at the top of the page) and I’m guessing maybe that’s my problem. Now the 8 images for the 8 exhibits don’t scale to fit the page…you have to scroll down to see the final two exhibits. Talking about the page you see here:

I’ve spent a fair amount of time looking at the theme code/css/etc but haven’t found what I’m looking for. Is there a spot where I can say “use _% of the available browser page” when scaling the 8 images to host my exhibit list so my text can remain but I don’t force scrolling to see all eight of the exhibits. Works OK on a phone as the exhibit images stack up in single file and scrolling is to be expected…but for desktop user, I’d like to fit all 8 on the opening page in a visible way once the page loads.

Answering my own question here–not a definitive answer but it seems to be working.

in /css/style.css I adjusted the min-height value of browse.exhibits .record from 25vh to 14vh and things seem to be scaling in a better way.

Yeah, I think you’ve hit on the proper method of changing that there.

The initial styles are for 25% viewport height so they would imply some scrolling if you have more content on the page. The same would happen of course if you needed more rows of exhibits.

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