Change or Remove "Attribution" pop up from Universal Viewer (or IIIFServer?)

Hi! Bothering you again as I’ve been trying to change the text in the “Attribution” pop up in the Universal Viewer. As you can see here, what it shows is “Provided by Example Organization”

I tried to change that in the module.config.php file in the IIIFServer Module, but nothing seems to change on the graphic interface. Am I working on the wrong file or even module? I couldn’t find any indication of where this could be changed from the Universal Viewer. I also noticed a great majority of Omeka sites using the UV still show that so I thought I’d post here as it might be of general interest.

Thank you for your help again,

Ok, I’m a donkey, I was able to change that via the Module configuration directly on the backend of the website… for some reason I had missed that and oddly hours of Google research didn’t lead me there. Solved this one, onto the next one… creating a new topic.