Change Item Type field name

I created a Music Program Item Type that is specific to our institution. One of the fields is currently called “Performances” and it was requested to change this to “Works Performed.” Is this possible without deleting all of data in that field across over 1400 records? I have read the instructions here and it does not seem possible.

Sure it is, Nicola. The how though depends on the level of access you have, I suppose.

(my) short way: find the *_elements table in your repository database, open it, find the record with field name “Performances” and change it to “Works Performed”.

(my) alternative, longer way: create a new field called “Works Performed”, then use plugin Bulk Metadata Editor to copy the content of field “Performances” to the new field, then delete the field “Performances”.

Remeber to backup the database before changing 1400 records, just in case.

Incidentally: the ability to edit/change a field name could be useful, through the Admin interface. You might want to suggest it on the Omeka GitHub pages as a new feature.

Thanks! Changing the element was the easiest and worked perfectly.


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