Change item order on Geolocation map

Hi, I’ve been using the Geolocation plugin and it’s working great, except for the fact that the default order is date added (ascending), and I’d like to set it to a ‘Dublin Core, Date’ field (ascending) instead. I don’t know to do this – do I need to change something in the MapController.php file? I have the Default Sort plugin but it doesn’t seem to be affecting the Geolocation map ordering. I have too many items to go through and add them in date order, and will be adding things over time… Thanks for any help!

Geolocation doesn’t offer a setting to change its default sorting, but you can control its sorting the same way as any browse page with the query string.

As an example, adding ?sort_field=Dublin Core,Title&sort_dir=a would sort by Title, ascending.

You could edit or replace the link to the map in the navigation to include those parameters.