Change Base Map from OSM Streets?

I am building my first Omeka S site with several thousand geocoded items (protected heritage buidlings in Mumbai. India) which I wish to display with various base maps and WMS overlays.

While adding a map to a page I would like to change the default base map from OSM Streets to Satellite or any of the other base layers shown in the site frontend map view.

In the “Default View” section of the widget which opens when one selects and adds “Map” to a page, one can choose the map centre point default view, but there is no selector for the base layer.

I cannot find any other option for this configuring the base layer for maps in Site Pages, or in the default map-browse view in Site Navigation.

As a newcomer I may have missed this option somewhere. I can change the base layer manually on the frontend of course, but I want to change the default OSM. I am able to add and configure WMS overlays easily and render them on the frontend, just not the base map.

The Mapping module does not have this feature, though it is a feature we are looking into for a future release.

I’ve opened an issue. In the meantime you could modify Mapping/asset/js/mapping-block.js and change the base layer under // Add base map and grouped WMS overlay layers.

Thanks for the reply and directions. I changed the line here in Mapping/asset/js/mapping-block.js from ‘Streets’ to ‘Satellite’:

    // Add base map and grouped WMS overlay layers.

And now I’m in space! Thanks Jim! This would be great to have configurable in the module with the disclaimer you noted about the unreliability of the base map tile servers.

It is worth noting that OSM Streets can be visually distracting if one is showcasing WMS overlays on one’s Omeka site (per my feedback from my testers). Or the underlying OSM Streets may be incorrectly tagged or mapped and thus not a great default base map (said as an OSM evangelist!).

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