Centerrow theme - main logo link


how can I customise the link of the main logo (the one displayed at the top) for the Centerrow theme so that it always redirects to the home page? Right now clicking on the logo just reloads the current page.

What versions of the core and Center Row are you using? Have you customized it at all? Also, can you link to your site showing the issue?

I can’t reproduce this, and the code and history of the theme don’t really support it being something that would vary much either: the top link there should always be a link to the site, i.e., the front page of the site, not the current page.

Hello, here it is:

Go to any ‘browse’ page, for instance. Latest version of Omeka (4.0.4), latest version of Centerrow (1.8.3).

Also, how can I customise it? That’s for another question, I know, but no: this is not customised. I’d like to customise it as I would for a child theme, seomething like that.

OK, this looks like it’s probably related to a module? Do you have a module installed that’s doing something with the URLs for sites?

The normal link there is something like /s/site-slug. Yours is blank but it’s also routing to this specific site at the domain root, which isn’t typical. The link in this case should be / but instead it’s the empty string, which is resulting in a link that always goes to the current page.

You’re right, I have the Clean URL module, and deactivating it indeed solves the issue.

Now, how can one get the /s/mysite out of the URL AND the logo to correctly link to the home-page all the time? I don’t think I’m the only one who finds the /s/mysite ugly, especially when you only have one project. I know I can play with .htaccess and URL rewriting myself. What about who’s not tech-y enough and just wants a normal URL with working go-to-home links in the logo?

I imagine that CleanUrl can do what it does and also have the link result in /, but I’m not familiar with the module to say for sure. You might want to check with the developer and report this problem you’re having.

Yes, thank you. This has been open for a while now, let’s hope someone picks it up at some point.