Center row issue with audio and HTML media displays

We have a site with resources that have a variety of media (images, audio, YouTube, and HTML). We are using a custom version of Center Row and tweaked /view/omeka/site/item/show.phtml to get the media to display in the gallery and they are all working fine. However, image media are clickable and if you click it, you are presented with another gallery view of the media. And in this second gallery, only images and YouTube media are displaying correctly.

Here is an example: has two media files: an image and an mp3 file. On the item page, both display fine and the audio will play. But the image is linked and if you click it, you land on a view with a black background, showing 1/2 media files. Advancing to the second (audio) file just presents a broken icon link. In other records, the HTML media won’t display at all in this view.

Is there a way to keep the images from being linked on the item show pages? Or enabling all the media types in the second view that is currently only supporting images and YouTube?

This is based off an older version of Center Row. In recent versions, we’ve separated out non-image media attachments into a list of “Other Media” links down in the metadata. Is this an approach that might work for your project?

Maybe. We’d prefer to have all the media in one browsable gallery but if the theme won’t support audio and HTML media then we might have to use Other Media.

If I recall correctly, Other Media presents as links in the metadata and the user then has to click through to actually get to the file. Is that still the case? We’d really like to have the media on the page rather than be linked.


The second gallery view you’re talking about is the lightbox functionality, which is centered on being able to zoom and pan on image media. If you don’t need the lightbox, I can look into helping you decouple it from the media slider that seems to be working for you.

Hi Kim,

Thanks for the kind offer! We are still discussing this and I think the stakeholder does want the zoom for images so we will likely kick the audio/HTML media to other media. Thanks for all your help with this.