Cartography Describe does not display map nor image

I have an Omeka-S v4 installation with Cartography successfully installed. However, when viewing WMS georeferenced maps and plain images, the Describe tab is not working. I am not sure if this is the expected behavior so I describe it more below.

WMS Map: I added a map, and configured dcterms:spatial with the URI to our QGIS server. The WMS call works and will display the georeferenced map. However, on the Cartography Describe tab I get the message “There is no image attached to this resource.” On the Cartography Locate tab, I do see the WMS overlay. There I can add a polygon with notation. However, once added, if I re-open the item in the admin panels and go to the Locate tab, the polygons previously added do not display. On the public website, there is no image displayed (as in the admin panels) but the Georeferenced Annotations does show the WMS overlay with my polygons. There I can click and go the annotation previously saved.

Plain Image: I added a new image after installing the Cartography Module. When I go to the Cartography Describe tab, I get the tools to add a polygon and annotate the image but the image itself does not display (instead the standard broken image link in Chrome ). I can however use the tools to make a polygon and add annotation (but this is over the missing image). On the Locate tab, nothing shows up as expected as this is not georeferenced. Then, on the public website, the image does not show up again but the text of the annotation added on the Locate tab is there.

I do not see where I might configure settings in the module so am unsure of next steps.