Carta plugin API Key + Carta won't link to Omeka items

Hi folks! 2 Carta-related questions:

  1. I have the Carta plugin installed and API configured on Omeka, but most of the map layers on Carta still display an “API Key Needed” message. Any ideas on how to fix?

  2. When I do try to input items on the map and link them to entries in Omeka the drop-down menus to do this are blank–no options, even though we have items in the database.

Any help is appreciated!

I have no solution, but have the same problem. “API Key Needed” but it’s not clear where to enter one. I realy like the map layers in Carta much better than the Google Maps used by Geolocation, but must be missing something needed to make Carta work correctly.

You might try posting your problems as an issue on their GitHub repository, in case the creators of the Carta plugin aren’t on this forum.

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