Can't see themes list

I like to try out different themes and perhaps change from Thanks ,Roy.
Here is what I see in control panel - I use Siteground as host and this is not C Panel but their own control panel dev.
I can’t see what theme is what as the pictures show.
It’s possible I made a mistake adding them but I added 2 others and they are alright I can see those.
It isn’t that I find anything wrong at present but I would prefer a menu along the top line rather than left column.
I like what Omeka does, and while my content is full of mistakes and layout irregularities that’s for me to correct later

It looks like it’s displaying Santa Fe and Big Stuff just fine. The other three themes - seven, engines, and garland - where did you find them?

I have no idea. I found Mukurtu was not fitting my needs right, which “Neil the dev” installed, and he asked a dev forum for suggestions and worked on Omeka for me;. Looking at them as themes to alter under Appearance they look same. You hint at the root of the problem I think.
I think I will download them and take them off. I can try a theme without the Side Nav.

It’s possible that engine, garland, and seven aren’t Omeka Classic themes. You can browse the available themes which have been submitted to the theme directory and download one from there. Some of them also offer some configuration options, which you can read about in the theme documentation.

That might be why. I often have attacks of stupid dealing with my websites. Thanks for the advice

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