Can't log in to Omeka/can't change password

I cannot log into Omeka. I am getting a password error. When I use “forgot password” I do not get an email to reset the password. I am very confused by this problem. Another person on my campus has the same problem. Any ideas?

First step when not getting an email is to check your spam folder for it.

If it’s not there, the next step is to check with an administrator for the site to see if the account is really there, and if they can create a new password and send the notification.

Thanks. I’ve checked spam. Made multiple attempts to change my password through the Omeka site (each time I get no email to change my password) and through the cPanel. I have three instances of Omeka installed. I am experiencing the same problem with all three. A colleague is having the same problem with a different instance of Omeka.

OK. Sounds like there’s something more squirrelly going on. Next step might be to try turning on the error messages and logging, then see if any helpful info about the error shows up in the logs.

FWIW, I made the changes suggested to the config file, including the debugging. I tried several logins with no success. I checked the error log…no error. I went back to the cPanel and changed the password there (for about the 10th time) and somehow it worked. I had to repeat the new password thing for my other two instances and got them to work. I’m not sure if our system guy did something, or if this is just random acts of computers misbehaving.

Thanks for the help though! I learned a few new things.

Email sending problems are usually at the server level, so it’s quite possible that it was simply fixed for the server.

I’m having this same issue. Was there an additional resolution? I’m not even sure where to change the password in Cpanel at this point as sqkelly did… thanks.