Can't install Solr v. 0.4.0

Hi All, Having difficulty installing the Solr module. I get this error msg: “Solr module requires PHP Solr extension, which is not loaded.” I installed the Solr PHP extension from to the Modules folder and I get this error msg: “invalid config/ini file”

I’m guessing it has something to do with the tip in the SOLR module requirements: " it must be enabled for the CLI as well as the web server" .I have no idea how to enable for the CLI and web server. Am using Reclaim Hosting as my web server so not sure now to enable it. ??


This is not the pecl extension, but the php-solr extension that should be available in the packages of your server. You can enable it in the params of reclaim, or ask them to enable it.

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Furthermore, there are two versions of module Solr. The one that works on Omeka S version 2 is here: Solr. Of course, it requires the module Search.

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