Can't find username and password

I am the new reference librarian at Meharry Medical College Library in Nashville, Tenn.

Our former webpage was created by someone at Vanderbilt University who used Omeka to create our archives page. That person cannot find the original admin username and password he used to create the site. We (library staff) need to transfer the content on our Omeka page(s) and move it to another platform so that we can move away from using our old platform/web pages. Our IT department cannot get to the content to move it from one platform to another because we don’t have the username and password, and now it is becoming a serious problem for us because our users can’t find our digital library page but continue to try to find our resources on the Omeka-generated page(s). This could affect accreditation so we are immensely concerned about this problem and are getting nowhere with the person at Vanderbilt University who used Omeka (I don’t know who the person is, unfortunately), who is making no effort to help us by contacting you …

Will you please find the Meharry Medical Library account and provide us with a new username and password? My name is Clare Kimbro, My work phone number is (615) 327-6465 and my colleague’s name is Vanessa Smith, Our library director’s name is Sandra Parham,

Here is the URL for our page(s) created with Omeka:

Like I said, we desperately need a solution at this point because we must move this content to a new platform but cannot access the content to do so without a working username and password.

I’m sorry to say that we can’t help you with this one.

Since your installation is hosted on your servers, we have no access to it. We just build the software and maintain the software. We cannot locate your username and password for you.

If you have the email for the adminstrative user, that person should be able to reset the password by following the “Lost your Password?” link on the on the Admin login page:

Without the installation username and password, an IT administrator with root privileges on that server should be able to access the MySQL database that holds the content. That could be exported directly: The database credentials should be in the db.ini file in the directory of the installation on the web server.

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