Can't edit exhibit descriptions?

Hi! Just tried to start a new exhibit, and there’s no text entry field next to “Description.” Also, we have one exhibit currently up, & the description/text is still visible on the public page, but has disappeared from the “description” section in the exhibit-editing page, too. I’m at a bit of a loss for what to do about this & why it’s suddenly a problem… any input/advice/anyone having the same problem?


Have you or your sysadmin recently updated to Omeka 2.6? If so, you will need to upgrade Exhibit Builder to version 3.4.1

Ah, I just checked & we are running 2.6 but haven’t updated ExhibitBuilder to 3.4.1 yet… I haven’t manually updated this plugin before; is there documentation/instructions on how to do so…?


Yes, it is in the Working with plugins section of the user manual.

oh, awesome-- thank you! I’ll see if this fixes it.

Just a question-- will removing the exhibit builder plugin & then replacing it with the new one make the exhibits go away? Just want to be sure nothing disappears… :slight_smile:

As long as you don’t uninstall the plugin (from the admin dashboard) you should be fine