Can't delete items

Hello! I am relatively new to Omeka. I am using it to create a Neatline exhibit at the moment. Up until now I hadn’t encountered problems, but today when I try to delete Items on Omeka or Exhibits on Neatline I get an error message: “Omeka encountered an error.” The Items are actually eventually deleted, even though they appear not to be deleted at first. In addition, whenever I try to add information or edit information on the Dublin Core of a given Item, it does not save the edits. What can I do to solve the issue? Any help is much appreciated!

Turning on error message display will help return a more useful error message. Once we have that, it will be a bit easier to understand what’s going wrong.

Thank you, Megan! Actually, we’re having trouble locating the .htaccess file. We’re wondering if this is because we run Omeka on Reclaim Hosting. What do you think?

With many FTP clients, including Reclaim’s file manager, you’ll need to turn on the setting to view hidden (dot) files in order to see .htacess

Thanks! We will try that and get back to you!

Hello, Megan. We changed the .file settings, went into .htaccess and made the appropriate changes, but still are not able to see the error message. Do you have any suggestions for further steps we can take? We have not yet uploading any significant content to the site, so if we need to take it down and create a new one, we can do that. Thanks!

Just double checking - when you try to delete items, you still just get the “Omeka has encountered an error message” display? If that’s the case, the edit to the .htaccess file may not have stuck