Can't access my page

I requested a new password, hit the link on the automatic email to my google address, received a warning from google (see below), and Omeka didn’t accept any of my password proposals (I obeyed the special characters note). It’s hard to believe phishers would use Omeka, but I can’t think of what else could be the explanation. Any tips on how I can enter a new password and access my page?

Most likely, the notification is just Gmail noticing that the email is from your own address (because you have that set as your administrator email) and just informing you that that’s potentially suspicious. Especially given that you received this after having used the forgot password form, it’s pretty unlikely to be a fake message.

Can you show a screenshot of what the page you reached when you clicked that link looks like? And, by “didn’t accept” do you mean you got an error message? A screenshot of that, if so, would help as well.

Thank you, flatnes. Let me say that the password I entered is entirely new, contained twelve characters, including a capital letter, numbers, and a dollar sign.

By which I mean the new password that I entered in the third window below.

What’s your username for that site?

The error message there is actually complaining about characters in your username, not your password.

@nkrutter , it seems you’re using “Nick Rutter” as a username, and there’s a whitespace in it, a thing that is not allowed. Try changing it to, f.i., “Nick_Rutter”, or “NickRutter”, and see whether you manage to have your new password accepted.

Ah yes, of course it’s actually displayed right there in the screenshot. I figure this is something where you created that username in an older version of Omeka, before those restrictions were added. Or something along those lines.

As Daniele suggests, it should be the case that changing your username to eliminate the space would stop this error from occurring (assuming you had to use the forgot password form in the future).

In response to your main question, I don’t see anything in what you’ve posted that suggests phishing.

Thanks to both of you! I’ll try now to change my user name.

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