Cannot view PDFs in OctopusViewer

I’m finding OctopusViewer great for showing images, but I’m having a problem with PDFs. They show up fine in Octopus Viewer if a user is logged in. But in the public view - i.e. no user logged in - the viewer loads but the PDF is not shown and instead there is an error message:

Permission denied for the current user to access the viewer action of the OctopusViewer\Controller\Pdfjs controller.

That seems to be an ACL issue. If I add the following to Module.php

$acl->allow(null, ‘OctopusViewer\Controller\Pdfjs’);

then the PDFs display OK. Is that the correct fix, or am I missing something?

It looks like you’ve probably identified the problem and solution there. You might want to file that as an issue with the module’s developer to let them know about this problem.

Thanks. I’ve logged the issue with the developer.