Cannot see json-ld on the homepage of the site

Both system settings and site settings show json-ld, but no json-ld data is seen in the site。

The option adds the json-ld inside the html code of the page, it’s not a link viewable in the page.

thank you very much,i have find it in the html code。
But how to display json-ld data through knowledge graph?

You can use the url to get the json-ld for manipulation.

I don’t know how to thank you, I am very excited to receive your reply so quickly.
I will try this method you said

How to get all the items of a single site? or for a query[]=1&site_id=1

You can look at the developer manual : REST API - Omeka S Developer Documentation

Thank you, I am looking at the developer documentation of omekas, which really helps a lot. Knowing omekas started from iiif, and later found that it also supports a lot of linked data. Hope that there will be a knowledge graph module based on linked data in the future.

What is a knowledge graph in your case?

Our library has a batch of chronicle data released using omekas, which contains characters, locations, time, etc. Since omekas supports linked data, I hope to reveal the released chronicle data in the form of a linked data knowledge graph , so that readers can browse along the graph Chronological Resources

I have to ask you one more question. I want to make a knowledge graph of the entire website, but currently I cannot get the json-ld data of the entire website.
Only the first 24 records can be obtained through “”, but my goal is to obtain all the json-ld data of the entire site. Can rest api obtain the entire site data? Or other methods are also possible?

The pagination is in the header of the response, or you may try &per_page=xxx.

I have know this way, and now I am going to use the posrtman tool to obtain the json-ld data of the entire site, and then create a knowledge graph based on the json-ld data of the entire site

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