Can Omeka handle up to 500GB of data

I’m considering using Omeka Classic for a site that will start out with about 65GB of data and will eventually grow to a little over 400 GB. Can Omeka Classic handle that much? What are some good strategies for handling that much data?

This is the size of the files, I assume? In general the size of the files isn’t a big factor for scaling an Omeka site, assuming of course that you have the disk space to hold them (or are using other storage like S3 or similar).

I wouldn’t anticipate any particular issues with a 500 GB site.

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@jflatnes is it also the same with Omeka S

What can causes issues, more than the size of files, is the number of resources. We have an Omeka S installation with 900GB of files but that never caused any issue. However the 900k items slow down a lot of database queries (see Admin dashboard is very slow on large databases · Issue #1676 · omeka/omeka-s · GitHub for instance)