Can Omeka generate and display thumbnails of fonts?

I’m thinking of using Omeka to display documents written in non-English fonts. I would like to also display the fonts too. It seems that if I upload an image a thumbnail will be generated automatically. Will the same happen to a ttf or otf font file?
Thank you.

Somewhat surprisingly, ImageMagick does support making an image from a font file, so if you set up your Omeka to accept ttf files, then you should get some thumbnails, sort of the “quick brown fox” font preview variety.

Thanks for your reply. It led me to try uploading fonts and Omeka helpfully told me what file type each were so I could add it to the Allowed media types… but no thumbnails. Do you know if I need to use some cli commands with ImageMagick to get it generate those thumbnails??

I did find a cli solution, but local, not on the server. You can read my post over on the Cloudron forum.

Cloudron offers Omeka, btw!

ImageMagick installs can differ from server to server; it’s quite likely that the one you have either doesn’t have this capability built in, or has had it disabled. After all, this kind of “font preview” isn’t really in the core of what most people use ImageMagick for.

@Scooke although I really don’t require this functionality, I thought it was interesting and tested it on my own Omeka and Omeka S installations and a thumbnail was generated successfully for English fonts, but I had trouble with a non-English font (I’m guessing because it the preview is being generated with English characters which aren’t included).

If your fonts aren’t multilingual, then you might also be running into a similar issue and not just an ImageMagick version issue.