Can I re-download just the .htaccess file?


I was trying to get the detailed error messages, and I must have accidentally messed up my .htaccess file because suddenly every link gives the 404 error. I tried to restore my original .htaccess file from the trash folder, but I think I messed up the move directory path because I now cannot find it anywhere. Is there a way to just download the .htaccess file again?

You could just download the whole Omeka zip file and pull out the .htaccess from it.

That worked for me, thanks.

I always keep a copy of the contents of files using Notepad ++ before I play around with them . That way if I mess up I can paste it all back. I also have a clone of website in local host, which doesn’t have all the main content but enough to give the feel. I tend to be a bit of a wrecker but it has taught me a lot and also how to fix catastrophes or avoid them.

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