Can I get rid of the buttons "Browse All" and "Search Items"?

How can I get rid of the buttons that say “Browse All” and “Search Items” on the left side of my Emiglio-themed site? I only want to use the search bar that’s on the right side (although I’m currently having a problem there because the dropdown menu won’t collapse).

You can hide those with CSS (either by editing the theme or using the CSS Editor plugin), or remove them from the theme’s items/browse.php view (it’s the call public_nav_items and the ul lines immediately before and after it in that file).

Thanks, @jflatnes ! I have the CSS Editor plugin. Can you please tell me what code I should add there to make the buttons go away?

You could add this style:

.items.browse #secondary-nav {
    display: none;

Thanks, that worked!